Book CT Scan Now Quickest and Safest Medical Response in India

We offers state-of-the-art CT imaging techniques using modern 16-Slice CT Scanner of GE Discovery series that provide the high-quality image of bones, organs and soft tissues. Our trained technologists conduct CT scans with utmost caution and safety keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Get Your Test Reports Online

Book a home visit and receive your test reports on email within 24-48 hours of the sample collection. With this service, you have the peace of mind of getting your blood sample taken safely at home and the convenience of viewing your reports online.

Flexibility and Convenience

You can book an appointment as per your convenient time and get your blood sample collected safely from home. The blood sample collection from home service is also available on Sundays.

Book PET CT Scan Now Quickest and Safest Medical Response in India

Nueclear is equipped with cutting-edge GE Discovery IQ and GE Discovery 600 PET-CT scanners that help in early detection, staging and monitoring cancer using fusion imaging by combining both, the functional and the anatomical aspects. With a combined experience of reporting 2,00,000 PET CT Scans in the past 10 years we strive to provide affordable, accurate and timely PET-CT scans.