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Becozym C Forte ( Vitamin B Complex + Biotin + Vitamin C )- Strip Of 15 Tablets


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Key Highlights

  • A prescription is required to purchase the medicine.
  • It is a vitamin supplement that improves your overall health.
  • Becozyme C Forte uses include better immunity and good skin.
  • Becozyme C Forte tablet is an antioxidant.


Becozym C Forte is a vitamin supplement tablet that contains 3 vital and essential vitamins that are required by the body for regular functioning. These vitamins play an important role in boosting and supporting the immune system, helping with energy requirements as well as improving skin quality. Each Becozym C Forte Tablet contains Vitamin B complex, Biotin (also known as vitamin H) and Vitamin C. As part of a healthy diet, this multivitamin recharges the body’s supply of these 3 required vitamins regularly.


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