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Cofsils Orange Lozenges Strip Of 10


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Cofsil orange cold & cough lozenges as the name suggests is a lozenge that can help a person gain relief from symptoms of cold and cough. Throat irritation and congestion is one of the most common symptoms of common cough and cold. Cofsil orange cold & cough lozenges are the perfect solutions to gain relief from irritated throat conditions caused by cold. Cofsil cold & cough lozenges come in six different flavours and Cofsil orange cold & cough lozenges are one of the most popular ones. The components of cough lozenge act quickly to provide relief to a stressed throat. When throat irritations are a nuisance, Cofsil orange cold & cough lozenges can effectively provide fast-acting relief with its medially curated components. The orange flavour of the lozenge is very tasty and does not feel like a medicated lozenge. Taking the lozenges is a very effective first step of action to treat common cough and cold.


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