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Friends Easy Adult Diapers Medium Size – Waist 28-44 Inch – High Absorbency Anti-bacterial Core-10’s




The Friends Easy Adult Diapers are highly absorbent adult diapers that are generally designed for bedridden adults undergoing treatment. This pack of adult diapers is of medium size and can be worn by adults with waist sizes of 28 to 44 inches. These diapers have tapes and thus they can be worn and removed without much effort or assistance. Moreover, these diapers provide up to 8 hours of absorbent protection against leakage of urine.


  • The Friends Easy Adult Diapers have a special antibacterial core that provides faster rates of liquid absorption and even helps prevent diaper rashes and bedsores.
  • These diapers also have standing leak guards that provide extra protection from leakage due to long hours of usage.
  • Apart from providing up to 8 hours of protection from leakage, these diapers also have a moisture and odour lock that prevents the escape of foul odour that is characteristic of urine and stool.
  • The Friends Easy Adult Diapers also have an innovative way to indicate when the diaper is full and needs to be changed. The wetness indicator of these diapers causes the colour to fade away and this indicates that it is time for a diaper change.
  • Moreover, these diapers are designed for Indian body types so that they provide a highly comfortable fit for Indians of all ages.
  • These adult diapers are also unisex and have a decently adjustable strap that further ensures a supremely comfortable fit for both men and women.


  • Friends Easy Adult Diapers are generally used to facilitate a better quality of life for adults who are undergoing treatment for incontinence or some form of mobility impairment.
  • These diapers are also used for people with mental health ailments like dementia.
  • However, regular healthy people can also use these diapers if and when they suffer from debilitating ailments like diarrhoea or dysentery.

How to Use

  • Wearing these adult diapers is quite easy and rather intuitive.
  • Simply open the diaper and unfold it lengthwise.
  • Slide it under your back and lift the lower leaf from between your legs.
  • Fold the lateral leaves of the diaper over your waist.
  • Finally, attach the upper and lower halves using the adjustable fasteners provided.

Safety Information

  • These diapers have a shelf life of 36 months and should not be used further than that.
  • Keep them away from the reach of children.


Q1. Is Friends Easy Adult Diapers available in any other size?

Ans: Yes, these diapers are available in Large (36-60 inches) and X-Large (48-68 inches) in sizes.

Q2. How often should Friends Easy Adult Diapers be changed?

Ans: These diapers can soak up to 3 passes of urine but only 1 pass of stool.

Q3. Is it possible for me to wear these on my own?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to do so.

Q4. How does this diaper stay dry?

Ans: Its advanced gel technology converts all the liquid into a gel.

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