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Friends Easy Adult Diapers Xl Size, Waist 48-68 Inch, High Absorbency Anti-bacterial Core, 10’s Pack




Friends Adult Diapers is a pack of adult diapers that offers up to 8 hours of worry-free usage and comes in a pack of 10 taped diapers. Friends Adult diapers have a highly absorbent gel core that tackles leaks, moisture and odour for seamless and comfortable daily use. You can wear this diaper all day (or overnight) and stay protected against moderate urine leakage. This pack of 10 Friends Adult Diapers comes in an XL waist size for comfort and easy fit.

Key Benefits

  • Provides up to 8 hours of leak protection.
  • Designed with keeping odour lock in mind, to keep away unpleasant smells.
  • Features standing leak guards for increased leakage protection and also comes with a wetness indicator that fades away when the diaper is full.
  • Designed especially for the Indian market, the tapes are re-fastenable so that you can adjust for the best fit. It is also usable by both men and women.
  • XL size for waists between 48 inches and 68 inches (121.9cm to 172.7cm).

The Friends Adult Diaper is also antibacterial, which helps to prevent infections and various rashes.


For use by adults with urine leakage or incontinence issues.

How to Use

  • Use clean and sanitized hands before touching the diaper.
  • Take one diaper, be careful not to crush, fold or crease the diaper core.
  • Do not touch the inside of the diaper.
  • Slide the diaper lengthwise between your spread legs. Spread out the waist of the diaper to match your waist.
  • Pull the fans towards your belly from behind and use the tape to tighten and adjust the fit.
  • Make sure the tape has a good grip, then adjust the leak guards on your legs for best comfort and fit.

Safety Information

  • Be careful not to damage the diaper while you put it on.
  • Always use clean hands when putting on a fresh diaper.
  • Do not use it if the diaper has expired.
  • Make sure the wetness indicator is in line with your spine.
  • In case of rash or other infections please contact your doctor immediately.


Q1: Is this product for old people only?

Ans: No, this product is for adults of any age, who have leakage issues, old or young.

Q2: How many diapers are in this pack?

Ans: This particular pack contains 10 individual Friends Adult Diapers.

Q3: What is the price?

Ans: This pack of 10 diapers costs Rs. 412.

Q4: Is it reusable?

Ans: No, it is for one-time use only. Please dispose of the diaper after using it for 8 hours.

Q5: Are there other sizes available?

Ans: Yes, apart from XL size (48-68 inches) there are also Large (38-60 inches) and Medium (28-44 inches) diapers available.

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