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Friends Premium Adult Diaper Large Waist 30-56 Inch High Absorbency Flexible Waist Band 10’s Pack




Friends Adult Diapers are created especially for the Indian Body type and features a snug elastic waist for a comfortable fit. Friends Diaper pants can give about 8 hours of protection from leakages and odour, these adult diapers help those with incontinence issues. Featuring a highly absorbent core, Friends Adult Diapers help you to live a regular and active life without having to worry about leaks or odours getting out.


  • The absorbent core protects from moisture, leaks and odours while also being anti-bacterial in nature. This helps to prevent rashes and infections.
  • Friends Adult Diapers are available in multiple sizes and are specifically created to give a tight comfort fit, ensuring that discomfort and odours are greatly reduced.
  • The waistband of the diapers is elastic and looks just like normal underwear, it also comes with a blue colour to identify the front of the diaper easily.
  • One innovative feature found on Friends Premium Diaper pants is the standing leak guards, which offer an added layer of protection so that there are no spills when you stand up.
  • The diapers can be worn by both men and women.


For adults with urine control issues, to provide safe and sanitary protection from leaks and smells.

How to Use

  • Follow the instructions printed on the pack carefully.
  • Make sure the diaper is facing the right way, the blue waistband should be facing away from you.
  • Step into the diapers like a normal pair of underwear.
  • Adjust at the crotch and sides for a comfy and snug fit.
  • Size recommendations: M-L size for 25 to 48-inch waist, L-XL size for 30 to 56-inch waist.

Safety information

  • Do not wear the diaper for over 8 hours.
  • Find your right size before buying adult diapers, kindly refer to the above size list.
  • Use clean hands when putting on a new diaper.
  • Always dispose of used diapers in the bin.


Q1: How many diapers are in this pack?

Ans: This pack of Friends Adult Diapers contains 10 diapers.

Q2: What size diapers are in this pack?

Ans: This particular pack is XL diapers, which is meant for 30-56 inch waist, please check the above list for a better understanding of which size you should buy.

Q3: Can I reuse a diaper?

Ans: No, this is a single-use diaper, please do not reuse it.

Q4: Is there a larger pack available?

Ans: Not for this particular type of diapers, however, Friends Easy Adult diapers come in a pack of 30.

Q5: Is it meant for old people only?

Ans: No, it is meant for all adults who have incontinence and is not limited to just older adults.

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