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Friends Premium Adult Diaper Xl Waist 30-56 Inch High Absorbency Flexible Waist Band 10’s Pack




Friends Adult Diapers are meant for adults, these are highly absorbent diapers, easy to use and prevents leakage as well as odour. The Friends Adult Diapers provide a snug fit, specially designed for Indian body types and these are also unisex. These diapers come with an absorbent gel in the core which locks away liquid and moisture and minimizes odour. These are also antibacterial.


  • Friends Easy Adult diapers give up to 8 hours of triple protection from moisture, odour and leaks.
  • These diapers help prevent rashes and infections, as it absorbs liquid quickly and keeps it locked away.
  • These have an underwear-like waistband.
  • The diaper also comes with an easy to see indicator so that you know when the diaper is full.
  • The waistband is fitted with re-fastenable tape to make an adjustment and tight fit easier.
  • These have breathable back-sheet and skin-soothing layers.
  • Best for moderate to heavy incontinence protection.


These adult diapers are seamless and comfortable. The brief-like leg openings make it easy and quick to wear and make sure that you do not compromise on your social lifestyle.

How to Use

  • Read the instructions carefully before using.
  • Make sure your hands are clean, open the diaper and spread it out.
  • Slide the diaper under the back and raise the lower half of the diaper to the waist between your legs.
  • Using the attached tape, fasten the diaper, check if the leak guards are fitting snugly against the inner thighs.
  • For more information follow the printed diagrams on the pack or seek help from someone.

Safety information

  • Do not use the diaper for over 8 hours and change it regularly.
  • Dispose of the used diapers in the bin.
  • Check its expiry date.
  • Store it in a clean, hygienic place.


1. What is the Friends diapers price?

The price for a pack of 10 Friends Adult diapers is between Rs.367 and Rs.430, depending on where it is bought from.

2. What diaper sizes are available?

Friends Adult Diapers come in medium, large, extra large and XXL sizes.

3. How long can Friends Adult Diaper Pants prevent leakage?

Friends Adult Diaper Pants protects you from leakage for up to 8 hours.

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