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Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector – Small


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Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector is made of a unique material with a high water absorption rate. Hence, it also dries fast, helping your baby sleep peacefully. The uses of Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector are vast. Its innovative technology makes it fully ventilated and hygienic that protects your little one from any bacterial attack, harmful allergens and particulates. Meant to be used beneath the bed, it is not only easy-to-use but also highly durable.


  • Advanced technology ensures quick drying and lets your baby have a peaceful sleep.
  • Protects both the bed and the baby from unwanted spillage with its great drying capacity.
  • It features sewn edges to prevent surface fraying and peel, extending its usable life and durability. Its highly absorbent material ensures zero dampness.
  • Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector benefits your baby by shielding them against dangerous germs, dust and allergies.
  • It is super easy to wash and is extremely breathable for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • It is also completely waterproof so that it soaks up liquids extremely fast.
  • Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector is also hygienic, making it extremely safe for your little one.
  • Carefully designed keeping in mind your baby’s delicate and tender skin, Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector benefits your baby by assuring a silky and smooth feel that is extremely comfortable to the touch.
  • With its soft texture, it also retains the softness of your baby’s skin.


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