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Liveasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks – For Diabetic And Orthopaedic Foot – Unisex Socks – Pack Of 2




LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks have significant benefits as they provide the necessary support and comfort to your feet. Therapeutically, these socks are of great help to those who have swollen, painful joints in the feet (arthritis) and diabetes. The feet and lower limbs of these people need extra attention. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels interrupt the normal blood circulation, which can cause loss of sensation and swelling of the feet. This increases the risk of foot ulcers and infections. LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks can also be used for swollen feet, legs, sensitive feet.

LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks with their compression feature apply gentle pressure on the feet, lower leg and provide warmth. This improves the blood supply and reduces the intensity of the pain and swelling. They also keep the feet clean and dry. The soft material and honeycomb knitting don’t just keep the feet comfortable but also absorb the sweat and reduce the risk of fungal infectionsLivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks provide extra cushioning to the vulnerable pressure points of the feet. The socks’ have a convenient terry toe and their Y heel mainly designed to wrap around any foot contour.

Both men and women can wear LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks.

Uses of LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks:

  • Eases foot and lower leg pain
  • Improves blood circulation to the feet and legs
  • Prevents swelling of legs and feet
  • Helps prevent foot ulcers and infections in diabetics
  • Keeps the feet clean and dry
  • Useful in arthritis

Product specifications and features:

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Can fit any foot size
  • Has a honeycomb structure, full cushion lining for extra comfort and stretchability
  • Y heel and terry toe for added convenience and comfort

Product care:

  • This product must be hand washed in cold water and with mild detergent
  • Should be dried at room temperature
  • Do not iron, dry clean, bleach, or squeeze the product

Safety information:

  • Discontinue using the product if you think it is inhibiting blood flow
  • Avoid physical damage to the product and keep away from kids

Directions for use:

Use LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks as directed by your physician/ physiotherapist/ orthopedist.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. I am a diabetic, how will LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks help me?
Ans: LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks with its compression feature helps to improve blood circulation to the feet. This enhances the sensation of the feet and decreases the risk of foot infections. Thus, it provides foot care to diabetic patients.

Q2. Will LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks make my feet comfortable?
Ans: Yes, LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks have a Y heel, additional cushion lining, comfort top, and honeycomb knitting- all of which ensure a good fit.

Q3. Will LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks help to manage foot pain due to arthritis?
Ans: LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks apply gentle compression to the joints of the feet and lower legs. The pressure and warmth produced help to increase blood supply, which can ease pain and discomfort due to arthritis.

Q4. I am a woman, can I use LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks?
Ans: Yes, LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks are unisex; any adult can use them and derive relief from pain caused by arthritis and diabetes.

Q5: Are LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks hygienic?
Ans: LivEasy Essentials Therapeutic Socks are made from soft and breathable material. They keep the feet dry and well-aerated. This helps in preventing fungal infections and foul odour.

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