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Liveasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace – Supports Wrist Joint And Relieves Pain – Universal Size



LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace provides support to the wrist. It wraps snugly around the wrist and applies gentle pressure or compression that can help to ease pain caused by a wrist injury, sprain, strain or weakened wrist joint. Through immobilization and warmth triggered by compression, it can support recovery from wrist trauma.

LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace has a special thumb support feature to allow movement of the thumb. It is made with a blended fabric of polyester, rubber, and nylon. LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace is skin-friendly and allows the skin of your wrist to breathe. So there is no fear of rashes, allergies, or sweaty odour. It is available in a universal size that will fit anyone. It can be snugly secured with velcro closure. It is suitable for both left and right hands.

Uses of LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace:

  • Stabilizes the wrist and eases pain triggered by trauma, injury or wrist sprain, and strain
  • Applies compression and warmth to wrist sprains
  • Can support recovery from wrist sprains and strains
  • Provides support to the weakened wrist

Product Specifications and Features:

  • Made from skin-friendly, light-weight, and breathable material
  • Can fit anyone because of its convenient wrap-around design and velcro closure
  • Comes in a universal size that is suitable for all

Product care:

  • This product must be hand washed in cold water and with mild detergent
  • Should be dried at room temperature
  • Do not iron, dry clean, bleach, or squeeze the product

Safety information:

  • Do not wrap it too tightly
  • Avoid physical damage to the product and keep away from kids

Directions for use:

Use LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace as directed by your physician/ physiotherapist/ orthopaedic doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I use LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace for wrist pain?
Ans: Improper positioning of the wrist while doing daily activities, gyming or lifting heavy weights can strain the wrist and cause pain. In such conditions, it is important to minimise the wrist movement to allow healing. LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace immobilizes the wrist by limiting movement. It allows the wrist to heal and helps to reduce the wrist pain.

Q2. Will LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace be a good fit for me?
Ans: LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace is a wrap-around device. So all you have to do is put your thumb through the thumb hole and wrap the brace around your wrist and then secure it with the velcro. We have made it in a universal size so that it can fit any adult.

Q3: Will my wrist feel itchy wearing LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace?
Ans: No, your hand will not sweat or stink because LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace is made with breathable light-weight material that keeps the skin cool. This ensures that allergies and rashes do not break out.

Q4. How long should I wear the LivEasy Ortho Care Wrist Brace?
Ans: If you are using the wrist brace as support for wrist pain, use it till the pain subsides or as per the directions given by the doctor. Overuse of wrist brace should be avoided as it weakens the wrist muscles. If you are using a wrist brace while performing any weight lifting activity, then remove it post the activity.

Q5. How can I avoid strain on the wrist?
Ans: The wrist is one of the most used joints of the body and is highly prone to strains or injuries. To avoid strain on the wrist-

  • Simple wrist exercises like flexing, extending, squeezing a softball should be practised regularly.
  • Excessive use of the keyboard also affects the wrist. Hence it is important to maintain proper posture while working on the computer. It is important to provide support to the wrist while working for long hours on the computer.
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