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One Touch Ultra Glucometer Test Strips Box Of 25




One Touch Ultra test strips are glucose test strips that are to be used with One Touch Ultra glucose meters. This pack comes with 25 strips and makes it easy to measure blood sugar from the comfort of your home. With a little drop of blood, you can easily get an accurate measurement of glucose in the blood.


  • One Touch Ultra test strips have high accuracy for taking readings when paired with an Ultra glucometer.
  • It is a fast and painless method for patients to be able to check their blood sugar levels.
  • It helps diabetics and those with other illnesses to be able to monitor their health.
  • Specifically, can help diabetic patients and their doctors to track the progress of treatment and see improvements as they happen.
  • It can help those who are dealing with weight management, both types of diabetes or thyroid issues to be able to track their health over time as well as see whether new treatments are beneficial or not.


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