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Pee Safe – Toilet Seat Lavender Sanitizer Spray – 50 Ml




Women can easily develop UTIs when using unhygienic public toilets. Travel with the Pee Safe Toilet seat sanitiser, which is highly effective in killing 99.99% of germs present on dirty toilet seats. Spray the sanitiser from a distance of 25 cm and allow it to do its wonders. The Pee Safe spray comes in a sleek and light travel-friendly can which will fit snugly into your purse. Moreover, the sanitiser has a lovely lavender fragrance which helps mellow down the bad smell in the toilet. The disinfectant is especially useful for women who are easily prone to UTIs. Now you do not need to hesitate before using a public toilet. Just carry the Pee Safe toilet seat sanitiser with you and travel without worry.


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