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Pill Box Organizer


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The PharmEasy Pill Box Organiser is an all-in-one solution for people who have a regular fuss over organising their daily medication. Many people who have to take regular medication for ongoing treatment often end up losing their prescriptions and are in a pickle when it comes to their medication intake. Moreover, senior citizens dealing with chronic health ailments are often on daily medication, which becomes difficult to track throughout the week.

For this purpose, the PharmEasy Pill Box Organiser has 4 pill compartments for each time of the day. There are a total of 7 such daily compartment rows, making up for a tidy medication storage box that organises your pills for the week. Moreover, with the PharmEasy Pill Box Organiser, you can simply arrange your pills based on the dosage and you never even have to look back at your prescription for an entire week.


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