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RESIST+ N95 Face Mask (Pack of 3) | Anti Fogging, Sweat Resistant and Reusable Mask


RESIST+ N95 mask comes equipped with 5 highly efficient layers, that are designed to protect you from every infection and microbe. The layers are electrostatically charged, except the layer that is visible outside and the one touching the skin when it is worn. This helps the mask to be smooth and non-irritating on the skin. The outer visible layer is made of PP fabric, that is recommended by the CDC, to be an essential layer to be added, to even cloth masks, to better filter the particles in the air. The second layer is made of electrostatically charged melt-blown fabric, that filters particulate matter (PM10) like spores, viral particles in the air, bacteria, dust, smoke and so on. The third and fourth layers, also being made of electrostatically charged fabric, filter particulate matter of size 2.5 microns or less. These particles are the most harmful to our health and can cause a lot of respiratory and other problems. Resist plus N95 mask carefully filters the tiniest of particles to provide the maximum of protection.

It is also reusable, latex free, non-fogging, sweat resistant and is adjustable with a head strap to lock your elastic ear loops. It comes in a pack of three.


Product Highlights

  • Anti fogging, Sweat Resistant and Laext Free Mask
  • Its reusable Mask
  • BFE>95%
  • Avail Colors: Blue, Gray and White


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